Curly Kinks Starter Kit

Curly Kinks Starter Kit


Curly Girls Loves Frizz Free .. Define Curls & Moisturizes 

This Kit Consists Of:

Step 1 Brazilian Nut Shampoo this formula is not your traditional shampoo it is very liquidy and concentrated a little goes a long way.. Enhanced with our Botanical Blends.. Cleanse Your Tresses without stripping your hair... 

Step 2 Brazilian Nut Moisturizing Conditioner ** Best Seller** Moisturizes and deep condition those thirsty tresses... the smell is simply divine smelling like a bakery ...and the moisture level is intense.. 

Step 3 Dezign Define Curly Pudding simply a curly girl best friend **Best Seller** Define curls, twists like no other.. while providing moisture and eliminating frizz.. try it on locs for those retwist .days.. and those curly hair extensions ... concentrated a little goes a long way with the smell of a summery orange..  


Step 4 Hair Butter can also be used as a body butter simply amazing... lock in the moisture.. seal those ends... great for braiding hair providing mositure for those protective styles.. also can be used to Twists extensions and locs.. 



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