Look at what our customers had to say dont just take our word for It.. When I embarked on another chapter in my life, I felt it was necessary for me to try different things that I would’ve never tried before. What would be more different then going natural? I had done any and everything possible to my hair in the past. The only problem with going natural was, I wasn’t educated on how to ever really take of my hair when I was relaxed so being natural was no different. I didn’t know that natural hair required so much and it made me extremely nervous. I became a true product junkie, buying all products that had the word “natural” in it, and watching all the Youtube videos on products that worked for other people’s hair. I never took the time to really look at my hair and see all the different textures. It’s cottony in some areas, hard to moisturize in most and has a loose curl pattern in other areas. Therefore, it was really difficult to find a product that would help in all the different textures of my hair without having to use a variety of products on my hair, making it oily or drying out as soon as I went into the elements. I was fed up and was ready to relax my hair again. After explaining my situation to my stylist, she told me about Dezign Ayuan Naturals products. It was a new up and coming line from a local stylist. I felt as though I had nothing to lose and if it didn’t work I could just go get a relaxer. I tried the curly pudding, upon opening the jar the first thing that I loved was the smell and the consistency was thick, but not too thick it was an even balance. I began to get excited with the possibility that this product may work. That night I two strand twisted my hair with the product. The next morning when I took out the twists I fell in love. Every section of my hair was twisted the same way even the areas that were cottony that I could never do anything with. It was also super moisturized and my hair looked and felt the same when I got home from an 8 hour day. I kept getting compliments on my hair I even got a request to do someone’s hair. I was never able to do two and three day hair let alone a whole week until this product came along. I was able to re twist my hair without any product and when I untwisted it the next morning. My hair came out better than the first day. I was able to do it for the whole week using only a little oil. After falling in love with this product, I decided to order some other items. I ordered the herbal magic growth oil for my edges, which I seen results in as little as two weeks. I have also used the Oh My Whipped Soufflé for my twist outs and braid outs. It has worked wonders for my hair. I have noticed the growth, health and moisture retention of my hair. I love the flexibility of all the products. I can put them in my natural hair and my weaves when I am doing my protective styles. I would recommend the product line to anyone that asks. As a result of using these products I am a recovered product junkie and only use Dezign Ayuan Naturals products along with my eco styler gel every once in awhile.  --Jessica B North Carolina

I have been natural for bout 7 years and never had products like Dezign Ayuan Naturals that would keep my curls moist and define all day in any type of weather. I struggled with either curls being defined but not moist or vice versa. Im proud to say I finally found a product line that I can actually "pronounce and understand" what's in the ingredients and trusting that it's an all around natural product for myself and clients!!! I know this product line will go far, and as long as I am here, I will continue to educate and spread the good news of Dezign Ayuan Naturals to women and men that has the same struggle that "I once had"...-Dominic Hill Elite Hair Replacement, Fayetteville, NC


I was able to see the difference the first day I used the curly pudding . My hair stayed moist the whole day and even the next morning. I have tried everything out there and I can honestly say this product is by far the best. I can't wait to get the customized cream so I won't have to deal with the frizziness. By the way, are u able to put fragrance, different fragrances in the cream? Please let me know what I need to do to pay for the shipping and the special order.

Side note, even my fiancé uses it! Great product!




Ok this curly pudding is the greatest. with other stuff when I take my twist out a loose it poofs out and this morining I could seperate my twist 2-3 times without no poof !! I have 4C hair. Amazing-- Laquanda, Alabama

i have nothing but great things to say about Dezign Ayuan products. MY FAVORITE PRODUCT is the hair jelly and curly pudding. The products smell delicious and leaves my curls juicy, detangled and defined. I would highly recommend these products...they have made my natural hair journey so much easier and manageable!!!
Belinda Bryant
Natural Hair Diva

I purchased the "magic" growth oil from Dezign Ayuan Natural back in
2011. Since that time I have purchased 3 additional bottles. I cut off
my hair in October of 2011, and I have almost the same amount of hair as
individuals who have been natural for almost 2 years...:) I love the
product, I use it on my teenage daughters as well, and their hair has
grown exceptionally well. I would recommend this product for individuals
who want an extra push in their hair growth, or who may suffer from
thinning edges. I will admit, the product may cause you to pat your head
like when your wearing a weave( due to itchy scalp) ...:) but besides
that, I love it! The itchy scalp doesn't last long, and eventually you
don't feel the urge to pat your head....:) This product is definitely a
part of my hair regimen. Try it, I'm sure you will love it too....

Extremely Satisfied Customer

Curly Pudding

I purchased the curly pudding on 2 occassions, the first time I thought
I was supposed to use it on my wash and go styles, and it did not work,
but after consulting with the owner of the company, I realized the
product is best used on twist/ twist-outs and other styles. The scent is
amazing, quite frankly it smells like something you can eat. I love my
twist/ twist outs. It keeps my hair soft and moisturized, there is NO
residue. I use it on my 2 year olds hair and she gets all types of
compliments. It's great for ponytail styles and braids as well as braid
outs. I have used the product for over a year, it is definitely a staple
in my hair regimen.

Satisfied Customer